PCB Assembly

Assembling of print circuit boards with SMD and through hole components

Engineering & Development

Developing custom specific electronics and prototyping


Special developed products for the OEM market.

Some realized products

From led design to complete micro-controller logic boards


Led Light

Integrated in product


OLED display

For consumer market

Person 3

Switch box

For conveyor transport

Person 4

Actuator Controller

with pulse synchronization for two actuators

SBL Solutions

From idea to product

SBL Solutions started with designing electronics in 2008 in a small garage. After a short time SBL started with prototyping to avoid problems with delivery times and to have short lines between the design and production of prototypes.
Soon SBL had to move to a bigger facility for the machinery and employees. After a while SBL started with production of print circuit boards and complete end products, this change brings us to our current location where we have possibilities to expand and give our customers the service needed for their products.



Automated assembly of print circuit boards.



Complete design and CAD layout of print circuit boards